• YES. I want support!

    YOU: Intelligent, Perceptive, Creative, Influential, Sensitive, Capable, Big Visions = Big Responsibility.


    The right kind of support can save you time, money and energy so you can get to your BEST YOU in your BEST LIFE quicker and with more EASE.

    Doing it alone is soooo 2012.

    Having it all together is costing you too much.

    It's time to unburden and BE.






  • Why Jenna?

    Are you ready to stop trying and start BEing...

    "And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to BLOOM." Anais Nin


    Creator of the 'You are the Manual' self-development program, Jenna runs an international business via Coaching, Spiritual Psychotherapy, and Shamanic Intuitive services including one on one sessions, group programs, live retreats and speaking.
    Her mission is to reconnect people to their unshakeable center, where all authentic knowing lives. Through understanding and integrating how to use our mind, body, heart, and spirit intelligence systems, we can get out of the muck of confusion and into our truth, purpose, power and JOY. Come home.

    "I will see you,

    Until you can see yourself."


    “I was looking for someone to help me get my business ideas off the ground. Serious about doing what it takes and committing to the right support, I asked a trusted advisor who gave me Jenna’s name. Jenna’s gift has been to support me in moving ideas into action from an authentic, grounded and internally driven space. She has a keen and intuitive ability to get to the heart of anything – from calling bullshit on things as needed, to being an amazing cheerleader. Within the four month’s I’ve worked with Jenna, I’ve made breakthroughs in different aspects of my life –wellbeing, self-awareness, business.”

    Dr. Golnaz Golnaraghi


    This program is not for you if:


    - you spend more on frivolous things that entertain you rather than support your highest self-expression.

    - you are toe dipping in self study programs and convinced you can do it all on your own.

    - you are more concerned with what people think of you rather than living your own Truth.

    - you aren't ready for change.

    - you aren't ready to receive on a level you never have before.

    - you aren't ready to live your life from your deepest purpose.































  • Be Seen. Be Heard. Take up Space.

    Be Seen.

    Can you just be you? Is that enough?

    HECK YA!!!!

    Being seen does not always mean being a celebrity, an influencer, popular, or having a large online presence. Being seen is the ability to show up as YOU without any filters. No roles. No identities. No rules run you. You be you, and the world follows your lead.

    YIKES. But what if they don't like me??

    Some won't. OK, who cares? The ones who count will.


    Be Heard.

    You have a Voice. Your voice is your Truth.

    Do you speak up when you want to be heard?

    Do you censor your comments in an effort to not offend people or avoid criticism?

    Do you share your brilliance openly without needing any external validation?


    Women often talk a lot without really being heard. Concise communication is incredibly revealing and powerful. When your being is intact, learning this life skill and stepping into this energy is pretty easy.

    The result?

    - getting your needs met.

    - better relationships personally/professionally.

    - better boundaries = more energy.

    - receiving better = less resentment fatigue.

    - authenticity and alignment feel darn good!

    Taking up Space.

    BREATHE. Expand your Presence. You belong. You have a seat at the table.

    Ahhhhh, sigh. We've been waiting for you to decide to show up, stop hiding, and live your true brilliance.

    Welcome to your contribution.

    You being you. Done. Now what?

  • Why Jenna's Methods?

    You came to this earth with everything you need to BE your fullest expression. Let's connect to that now as your new normal.

    Move from foggy to clear. There are no "blocks" only lack of clarity.

    Our first priority is getting you integrated and familiar with your 4 intelligence systems so you have access to all your inner resources. We begin accessing your center from day 1.

    Know who you are, and how you Belong.

    Next, we must allow for anything that needs to be cleared to show up in yourself and your life. This is why having a guide is so key. Due to experience and training in psychotherapy, clearing the past and re-using that energy for your purpose can be done quicker and sometimes with a giggle or two.

    Achieve unconditional Self Love and Self Trust.

    At your CORE you are worthy and valuable. We tune back in to your Truth and Spirit, so that you reach a tipping point where the outside world pales in comparison to your inner knowing. I call this your center.

    This is also where you attract ideal friends, partners, money and opportunity! whoo hoo.

    We don't do B.S. here. This is your LIFE.

    There are a LOT of programs, coaches, systems, spiritual paths, books and advice out there.

    I want to take you to YOUR ability to tune in to YOUR way. Sure, there are things to learn and practice but all are done from the philosophy that we are re-connecting all your parts to align you to your own natural navigation systems.  


    I don't do temporary change with people, I do transformation. You reach a tipping point where you are forever changed, and nothing can take that peace, self-knowing and confidence away from you; because it IS you. Any programs you've already done will simply add to your toolkit of self knowledge and can be applied authentically once you are aligned with your Being.

    Hillary Faye

    Creator of Awaken Love YTT

    Coaching with Jenna Smith has been one of the most healing experiences of my life. Her love, acceptance, wisdom, compassion, and sincerity shines through in all she does. She helps you heal, release, and love yourself on a deep level. Jenna provides practical, helpful tools and strategies You can feel how much healing work Jenna has done on herself and her self mastery helped me to realize my own. Coaching with Jenna is a life changing journey that I highly recommend to anyone who feels the desire for more love and support along their path!”


    Vicki Saunders

    Creator of  www.sheeo.world


    "I have worked with many coaches around the world and Jenna is one of the special ones. She’s clearly done the work herself to be in a grounded place and it shows in her ability to listen deeply, honour people for where they are and provide great, detached insights and advice."


    Tash Jefferies


    Social Media Expert +


    "Jenna is the truest, most empowering, and authentic coach that I have seen in action. I am a coach myself, so it takes a very experienced and grounded person to be able to help me along on my journey... And she has done (and continues to do) that.

    Jenna speaks her truth, and I honestly can't think of a better person to hire as a coach, to represent the true, authentic image of what a coach should be, at their best."

  • Common Questions:

    "We do not make decisions when confused."

    What is Transformation anyways?

    The word transformation is thrown around a lot, but how I see it is transformation is YOU becoming more YOU and all the other stuff that is not the most divine, essence of you falls away. Transformation is not trying harder, or contorting to an external standard, far from it. Once you have transformed, you cannot go back, and you just wouldn't want to. You are no longer able to tolerate people, circumstances and things that are not in alignment with you.

    How long will it take me to Transform my life and Feel Better?

    These are loaded questions, but the truth is you will feel better almost immediately after saying YES to yourself, but the true change will occur consistently over time in order for it to be permanent. Most clients make a full shift into their Being after a full year. Sometimes 6 months, on the most rare of occasions lasting change can happen in 4 months. I am in the process of writing an E-book about this process, so stay tuned.

    How do I work with you? What does a typical session look like?

    I work online and on the phone. This allows for both my clients and I to be anywhere in the world. Because I work with influencers and change makers, this is the most ideal format. We will set a time, and you will call at that time on either Facetime, Skype or Zoom. Notes are provided, sometimes long, and sometimes brief, on Google Docs where I will send you a link to access these 24/7. On occasion, tools or articles will be sent via email. We do sessions fully present and focused. No eating or multi-tasking, because these sessions are for YOU. There will be an amalgamation of psychotherapy, shamanic intuitive energy work, spiritual mentorship, ontological coaching (more direction and clear action steps), and some career or business coaching as needed. All of our work is focused on YOUR BEING. I am the guide, not the source. And you will walk away more connected to your own wisdom, truth, and source. Most of all, we go beyond just the mind-dominant world of understanding concepts into the transformational world of your body, heart and Spirit intelligence systems. These are just like muscles, once we work them you will be more fit in your Being so to speak, and therefore always be able to access your own inner resources for the rest of your life. Along with this, we heal at such a deep level that your past will become complete and you can reclaim ALL of your energy that may be depleted from the past. Every session focuses on your unique needs in the moment.

    I've already done so much work, and I am smart enough to learn most things on my own. Why do I need consistent sessions over a longer period of time?

    Getting support on this level is not about learning more. It is about creating space for you to step in BIGGER to yourself and your life. The consistency is key for stable change. It is not very interesting to have random talks about stuff, at least not for me so I don't offer sessions like that. Your self and your life will show up to each session, and we work on it together and with Love and Wisdom, rather than fear and reactivity. There are very few other places in life where this is possible in our society. Another reason, is when we show up for ourselves with commitment and conviction, LIFE shows up for us. Changes that might have taken 3-5, or even 10 years can be done sometimes in months. It's amazing, and you won't understand it until you experience it. I do not encourage working together because you need me and can't do it without my help, but because you want to emerge powerfully into your life as YOU, and that can be a scary friggin' thing. The dark unknown is not as scary with a flashlight beside you.

    What is a "Laser Call"?

    A Laser call is for those inevitable times when life presents challenges, either internally or externally, and you cannot seem to get through it. If I am not available right away, most often these sessions can be booked within 24 hours.

  • The Programs

    Starter Package "trying on the jeans"

    For those not quite ready to DIVE in, but want to get started.

    $1500 + tx

    (2 payments of $750)

    3 full sessions

    1 90min kickstart session

    + Distance Healing

    Your notes on GoogleDrive

    10% off the You are the Manual Self Education Program


    Ready To Rock

    You are Ready, and can't wait to get started to experience the changes as a new way of Being.

    5 Month Container


    (5 payments of $1111)

    pay in full and get 2 bonus 45min sessions.

    60min sessions 2/mo average- regular, consistent support.

    90min first call

    3-hour IMMERSION session in person or online

    2 Distance healings

    Individualized meditations- sent to you to practice

    Strategy for Actions from your Being

    Email support

    Access to me on Voxer 5 days a week

    Your notes on GoogleDrive

    Resources and Tools

    Jenna's Network of Connections

    Basically the whole enchilada of my support shining down on you for 5 months.


    Optional: Book and Resource recommendations to study.

    Extra Bonus: You are the Manual Self Study System



    9 months $11, 000 ​

    Your Life RE-Created

    monthly pay $1222

    Pay in Full and get a BONUS month!

    You and me, 9 months, a New Way of Being so you are PRESENT, CLEAR, and Feeling your awesomeness.


    2 VIP days 3hrs in Length

    OR 1 full VIP day! (ask me about on location options)

    Access to me on Voxer 5 days a week

    20 sessions + "floating" sessions when needed

    6 Distance Energy Clearing/Activation Sessions

    Individualized meditations sent to you to practice

    Strategy plans for Actions aligned to your Being

    Email support

    Resources and Tools

    Jenna's Network of Connections

    Your notes on GoogleDrive

    Recorded Sessions

    Basically the whole enchilada of my support shining down on you for 9 months! You come out the other side with an anchored, permanent new way of BEing.

    (10months if you opt to pay in full)


    Extra Bonus: You are the Manual Self Study System

    Complimentary Access to THE DEEPENING Live Event.

    The GOLDEN Experience

    $24 000 12 pay $2000



    Are you really ready for a new life, new possibility, your vision as your reality?

    Then let's dive in.



    2 VIP Immersion Days

    1 FULL 1.5 day retreats - You and me in Bali? Peru? Europe? Northern Canada? Costa Rica? Let's GO. Want to go shopping together? Want me to go to your speaking event and help you? Want me to come sit on your couch and drink wine with you? yep....we co-create your experience based on YOUR vision. We make it happen.


    A minimum of 2, 60min sessions a month

    PLUS tune-ups AND Distance Healings AND Email support AND Voxer (walkie-talkie app)

    You+Me= AMAZING

    24 sessions + 9 BONUS "floating" sessions

    Distance Energy Clearing/Activation Sessions REGULARLY

    12 Bonus 15min Laser Tune-Up Calls

    Access to me on Voxer 5 days a week (and for this package, sometimes 7 days a week)

    Individualized meditations sent to you to practice

    Strategy plans for Actions aligned to your Being

    Email support

    Resources and Tools

    Jenna's Network of Connections

    Your notes on GoogleDrive

    Recorded Sessions

    Basically the whole enchilada of my support shining down on you for 12 months! You come out the other side with an anchored, permanent new way of BEing.



    Extra Bonus: You are the Manual Self Study System

    Complimentary Access to THE DEEPENING Live Event.

    for more info: www.jennasmithcoaching.com

    Immersion Programs Live or Online

    When you want to quantum leap your results

    Half day


    Distance Energy Work: Activations and Attunements are added to these sessions.

    - Notes on Google Drive

    - Resources sent online


    Full Day


    - Basically, like getting 8 weeks of "work" done in 1 day.

    - Immersions are also beneficial ways to establish trust in order to access more results on a deeper level.

    - We can focus on ALIGNED ACTION Strategy

    OR Deep Healing, Clearing, Nourishing.

    - This is FOR YOU so I cater to your exact needs at this exact time.

    - Learn to RECEIVE what you need, and to not "be on" for a whole day.

    - Walk away with resources and a distinct plan for your specific needs.


    Also available:

    You are the Manual Self Study Program.

    The Deepening: Live Shamanic Retreat connecting to Spirit through Nature.

    "I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in the darkness, the astonishing light of your own being." Hafiz

    Jenna here, I just want to add a personal note from me to you. I never knew a career like this existed. I actually think life created it for me. I planned to be the next Celine Dion so you can imagine my own surprise when guiding people to their Being was obviously my gift and my destiny. I have an uncanny knack for getting people unstuck, aligning them with their True Being, and assisting them to live their lives on the thin line between Spirit and Human. We weren't meant to do it all alone, and quite frankly doing it alone is scarier, harder, and depleting. We CAN align with our best lives alone, but I tend to like the EASE road, and the FUN way, and the efficient path. I only attract people that are READY, so if you are feeling connected to me or my work you might just be the next success story.

    for more info: www.jennasmithcoaching.com

    Still not sure???


    "How do I know this will work?"

    You don't. If you have an inkling towards me, Jenna, or this work.....

    truly, what do you have to lose?

    You could lose even more time trying, fighting yourself, striving for the next thing, that thing out there, out of your reach. Only investing little amounts of $$ and time at a time. You could lose precious moments knowing your worth and celebrating with those around you that have seen your amazingness the whole time. You deserve to see it too.

    You are worth the time, $$, and energy it takes to make this life change.

    If you are here.

    It's your Time.

    As always, I am here for your questions. info@jennasmithcoaching.com



    "Working with Jenna is like creating space in your life. If you’ve tried other therapy, if you’ve read a million books, if you’ve talked to your friends and family and just can’t seem to figure things out, then you need to talk with Jenna. If you’ve reached the end of your ability to understand your world, it’s time to call up Jenna. Jenna helps you to make sense of your life. She helps you heal. She helps you slowly but surely, get back to who you know you are. If you have this feeling that there is more that you are supposed to be doing, or if there is more that you need to heal or even if you have this inkling that you just want something more in your life, or something that you've lost - Jenna helps with that.

    I was skeptical when I started going to Jenna. I didn’t understand her methods. They couldn’t be easily summed up in a way that made sense. I still struggle to explain it with professional words and correct terminology. The only way I can explain the transformation I have just started to experience is that Jenna makes space in your life. She makes space for you to grow and to expand and to transform. She teaches you how to find freedom by being at peace with both the light and the dark that is life. Not to be cliche, but you’ve probably heard the saying hurt people hurt people. Well, that’s not the end of it. The end is that healed people heal people. This is what you can expect working with Jenna, a transformation from hurting to healing, a redirection that helps you live a life filled with possibility and hope and beauty."


    Native Studies Educational Expert

    and Writer

  • Do you ever scream on the inside:








    "WHAT ABOUT ME?????"


    Let's make it about you, so you can relieve that pressure.


  • If you want to go fast, go alone.

    If you want to go far, go together.”


  • Go from Sisyphus...


    to THIS.

  • Bringing MAGIC to the Pragmatic for a life with joy and ease,

    and productivity with peace.

    I am your BRIDGE.

    Your Guide to another way.

  • Welcome to the New Paradigm.